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Car shopping is never fun (for me) at least. My Husband is usually the one that deals with that part. We just purchased a new car 2 years ago and leased a new car almost a year ago. We’ve been thinking a lot about buying a new truck. My Husband has always wanted a truck but we never seriously sat down together and thought if it was right for our family. Now that we are at that point where we want to start doing our research, we have turned to 
We’ve bounced around the idea of what trucks were my favorite, what was his favorite. First off, we just think trucks are cool, yes I said “cool”. Though we don’t have any toys or things to haul yet, we plan on it someday. The talk is Hubby wants a boat, I just want to be able to someday have a trailer to do more family camping. 
At it made our research easy and painless. They have a massive database of new and used cars. You choose your make and model. You choose your mileage and price and will do the work for you. You can also read many reviews and specs on the type of car you’re interested in. The detailed video reviews help with seeing the interior and exterior as well as how it drives. also has both new and used cars listed.
Not interested in buying a car, but selling a car? can help you with that too! You can find the value of your current car before you try to sell your own car. helps is your first and only stop you’ll need when looking for a new car or selling a car. Find all the reviews needed and get all the information comparing cars and car options. Find cars in your area, get reviews on dealers before you do any foot work outside of your house. I know that I will be on everyday finding the right truck for our family. Do your research first with

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