My new grocery shopping addiction

Ok, so it’s not an addiction but I sure do love the new way! I recently realized how many times a week I was going to the grocery store. I needed to figure out a way to stop making multiple trips to the store as well staying on budget. I was at least going to the grocery store, 1-2 times a week…sometimes 3! To me, it was ridiculous. I came up with the plan of doing my online grocery shopping once a week. With that, I had to plan out our meals better to know what we needed (and didn’t need). Grocery shopping with 2 boys isn’t always easy. I get one kid who wants to sneak in snacks, junk food and other things. Then I have another one who doesn’t care and would rather be sitting at home. I for one don’t enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do roaming the aisles of Target. But it has to be done, or we’re screwed and don’t get to eat at home. Some people would say eating out sounds better to them, and trust me there are days where I’d rather keep my kitchen clean and not cook. But reality is, it’s healthier and saves us money to eat at home. 

So I started to make a meal plan and grocery list for items we needed. I say needed because everyone in the family always says “we need it.” Truthfully, we know how that goes. I’m guilty of it! My plan was to order groceries online via and Amazon pantry. When I heard my local Walmart was going to start grocery pick up I was excited. Though I try not to go to Walmart too often because of the crowds, I thought this would be perfect! I sat down, made my list, downloaded the Walmart Grocery app (You can also go online) and placed my order to picked up. 
The day of pickup was simple and painless. I received an email 10 minutes before my pickup stating it was ready for pickup. I let them know I was on my way. When I pulled up the special grocery pickup parking I checked in to let them know I was there. Within 3 minutes, someone came out, knocked on my window door and asked to verify my name and started putting my groceries into my trunk for me! Ahhhmazing! 

I have since ordered two more times since my first experience. I have learned that you should not order if you are expecting to use everything asap or the next day. Yes, there are times when something is not available and there is no substitute for the item. If that’s the case, they will refund you. So odd to say I have not stepped foot into a grocery store (with the exception of Costco) in the past 3 weeks. This is working great for my family and I. I have spent less money buying things we don’t necessarily need or just want because we see that it’s on sale or in front of us.

Now if only I could find a quick and easy way to unload groceries from the car and put them away nicely in my pantry and refrigerator… life would be perfect! (ha ha)

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