Spring Break 2018

Spring Break 2018, felt like it came faster than expected but was much needed for our family! Though we didn’t have big plans like we normally do, it was nice to just relax! 

We started Spring Break off by watching the Monster Jam World Finals XIX which is our family favorite! 2 days of Monster trucks and fun was the perfect start to a week off. We also spent a day with one of our close friends. We took the kids to Topgolf, spent a few hours playing basketball and Kameron had a sleepover. We had a MNO for a quick coffee, dessert and girl chat. 

Monday was also the 2 year death anniversary of our beautiful Jamie. We visited her grave and spent a few hours with her family at their home. I know it’s still a struggle for my son to mourn his friend but I have tried my best to comfort him and help him in the best way possible. 

The rest of our week was lowkey and relaxing. The boys played outside with the neighborhood kids, played video games with their friends and cousins and we watched movies together. I got slapped with a cold and for the first 2 days it was horrible. I’m still dealing with it but it sure did make the first 2 days unmanageable. 
Sadly, the Hubby had to work this week, hence why we had no plans to go out of town. Easter Sunday he was finally off. We went to church and had lunch and came home to relax. He needs to relax when he can as much as possible. 
As I sit outside while typing this post, it is our last day of Spring Break. Though it wasn’t our normal Spring Break madness of road trips and busy days, it was nice. It was a time for us all to enjoy our time together and not worry about where we have to be, and rushing here to there. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break whether you were out vacationing or relaxing at home like we did. Tomorrow, it’s back to reality!

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