On to another chapter

It’s been quite a few months since I’ve posted on here. Life has been hectic! As a Stay at Home Mom with 2 boys, we’ve had school, school activities, after school activities, sports and everything in between. Our Summer was great. I posted on our Instagram, more than I wrote about it. 
Summer has ended and the school year has kicked off well. As the boys are settled in and I was back on my normal schedule, our family was faced with quite the news. We are moving to Arizona!!! No big deal, just another state, having to move, selling a house at the same time as trying to find a house. It has been quite the ride this past month and it’s coming down to the wire. 
I plan on getting back into the blogging as much as I can while we settle in! I get to explore a somewhat new city again. My Husband and I lived in Arizona years ago. So while it is a new city to explore, it’s not unfamiliar. 
Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook while our lives get a little more hectic. It is just a new chapter in our lives with new experiences! See you in Arizona…..

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