DIY Harry Potter Birthday

The Ultimate DIY Harry Potter Birthday

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Despite quarantine, I was busy creating the Ultimate DIY Harry Potter birthday party for my GodDaughter. Due to the circumstances, her big birthday was cancelled last month. Thankfully her parents decided to throw a smaller, intimate birthday party. We celebrated at my house and I was excited to create all the HP decorations to throw a special birthday party for her. Sadly, I have to admit I am not a Harry Potter fan. I have not watched all of the movies or read any of the books. Regardless of the situation, I did this for my GodDaughter! I enjoyed putting every little detail into this party. I loved doing all of the projects and DIYs.

DIY Decorations

I scoured the internet for Harry Potter decorations and found a plethora of ideas! I got so excited to start putting my Cricut Explore Air 2 and my Silhouette Cameo to work! There are so many amazing decorations out there. I did what I knew my GodDaughter (and her Momma) would enjoy.

Photobooth props

These were so fun to make. I found images on Google and used my Cricut to cut the images out. I used the print and cut function on my Cricut. I used glue where needed and attached bbq sticks to them for the perfect photobooth prop.


Chocolate covered frogs, pretzel wands, Puking pastilles, Gryffindor Potatoes and more. We had so much food for this small gathering. I had so much fun with this entire party.

It’s all in the details

DIY Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4. This was so easy and inexpensive. For this I bought a white table cover from the Dollar Tree. I bought red paint as well as a sponge from the Dollar Tree. I stamped the “bricks” using the red paint and sponge. (TIP: If you use 2 shades of red, it will give a realistic effect.) It was time consuming but very satisfying after seeing the finished project. I printed the Platform 9 3/4 symbol and taped it to the top of the “brick wall”. My GodDaughter and my best friend loved it!

HP DIY Platform 9 3/4

DIY Photo boards

For the photoboards I cut out the middle of the foam board. I decorated it with images from Google. I cut everything out using my Cricut machine.

Harry Potter Birthday Photoboard
Have you seen this wizard DIY photoboard

Banners I found a lot of templates and inspiration fro Lovely Planner. I love her website. I love her planning stuff but her Harry Potter templates helped a lot too! The banners template here. I printed them out on my printer, nothing fancy.

Hedwig Balloons: I bought these Hedwig balloons on Etsy. I had everyone send me their birthday letter or birthday wish for the birthday girl. Then I printed them out. I rolled them into a scroll and tied them to the balloons. I placed these all in the doorway. They floated around for my GodDaughter to see as soon as she entered. At the end of the night, she sat down and read all of them out loud.

HP Balloons

Floating Candles This project was exciting too! To start, I ordered battery tealights on Amazon. I had the family save all toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for the next few weeks. I cut the paper towel rolls in half. My son used acrylic white paint to paint the toilet paper/paper towel rolls. I used the fishing wire I purchased on Amazon. Click here for the tutorial I used.

HP Floating Candles

DIY Proclamations I printed proclamations from Google. I edited some of them to be more personalized to the birthday girl.

Floating envelopes I was so excited to do this. I bought fishing wire on Amazon. Then I printed the envelopes from the template found here. I put a twist on it and added the address to my Goddaughter and added a few to Mr. Harry Potter.

Custom Birthday Squad tshirts I used my Cricut to create an image with heat transfer vinyl. This gave such a personal touch to the party. Of course, a special tshirt for the birthday girl.

HP Birthday Shirt

Harry Potter Cookies I ordered these as I’m not much of a baker! I was recommended by many ladies in my local FB group The Cookie Occasion to make the custom cookies. She was great! I just told her what theme I was looking for and she went with it. Not only was the cookie designs perfect, the cookie itself was delicious!

HP Cookies

Which way?

I made this sign out of cardboard, a template I cut out on my Cricut, some blank chalk paint and a wooden stick I had lying around the house. This was so easy and so fun, It added to the entrance of the party. I also added another personalized touch to it.

DIY Harry Potter Wands My boys enjoyed this project. They made wands out of chopsticks. I did not document my boys doing this project but I have the link for you! You can visit my Pinterest board for this tutorial from

More Harry Potter idea on Pinterest

If you’d like to see my Harry Potter Pinterest board, this is where I got many ideas from. Are you looking to plan a Harry Potter Birthday party? If so, I’d start with Pinterest! You can find a plethora of ideas!

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