Stress Free Travel – It’s possible!

With the coronavirus disrupting travel across the globe, many of us are wondering whether things will ever return to normal again. How long will it be before we can board and plane and fly anywhere in the world without having to worry about quarantines? Hopefully, not long!

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In the meantime, though, travel seems set to remain stressful. Woe betides anyone who forgets to bring their mask on public transport!

Travel, though, is an essential pillar of a decent lifestyle. It’s something that many of us need to feel like we’re spending our time well. 

So what can you do to make travel stress-free in this increasingly crazy world of ours

Use Airline Lounges

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Airline lounges might sound like a pointless additional expense for your journey, but they’re a heck of a lot better than waiting for boarding at a crowded gate. You get a comfy chair to sit in, plenty of space for the kids if you’re travelling with family, and even some relaxing music if you’re lucky. 

Rent A Car At Your Destination

The notion of using public transport to get around an unfamiliar city in a foreign country might sound like the height of romance, but it comes with its own costs. For starters, you have to worry about wearing a mask and keeping yourself safe from COVID-19. But equally importantly, it’s never as flexible as you hope. So what’s the solution here? 

The trick is to either bring your car with you or use services like Ace Rent A Car. This way, you can avoid having to lug your bags around with you on public transport.

Put Tracking Tags On All Your Valuables

Losing your valuables in your home country is distressing enough. But misplacing them while travelling is enough to send you into a complete meltdown. 

Fortunately, though, modern technology offers a solution: tracking tags. 

These tags are pretty smart. They contain GPS receivers that connect to your phone, tablet or PC via the cloud. Even if you lose everything, you can still log onto a public computer and track them in real-time. You can see whether you left them on the plane, bus or in the airport terminal. You can also figure out whether somebody has handed them into the airport reception desk. 

Don’t leave home without them!

Memorize Your Passport Number

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When you leave one country and enter another, they’ll often ask you for their passport number for tracking purposes. At that point, you have to start desperately fumbling around for it in your pockets or hand luggage – again, not what you want. 

Here’s a better idea: just memorize the number. Then you can fill out all your forms speedily and be on your way. 

Spend A Little Extra

Being frugal is a good idea when you’re at home. But it can generate a lot of stress when you travel. Seasoned globetrotters, therefore, don’t sweat the small stuff. If something costs less than $20 and they need it, they just buy it. Life’s for living.

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