Fruits and Vegetables

Ways to eat more fruits and vegetabes

Lots of us are trying to get more fruit and vegetables into our diets. Eating more of these has a host of health benefits, but lots of us bring plenty of veg home from grocery shopping, only for it to languish uneaten. Try these simple ways to get more fruit and vegetables into every meal. 

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Which fruit and vegetables should I eat?

The best fruit and vegetables to buy are the ones you’ll actually eat! They all have benefits. The best thing is to try and eat a range of fruits and vegetables so you can get plenty of nutrients. Aim to fill half your plate with fruits or vegetables to make sure you’re eating enough of them. 

All fruits and vegetables count, even if they’re canned, dried, or frozen. If you’re buying pre-packed, check the labels to buy the lowest amount of sodium and added sugars. 

How To Eat Fruit and Veggies For Breakfast

  • Add melon, grapefruit, or other fruit to your breakfast
  • Sprinkle bananas, raisins, or berries over yogurt or cereal
  • Drink a small glass of 100% juice. You could try making your own juices too
  • If you’re eating eggs, add in some onions or bell peppers

My favorite way to incorporate veggies in my breakfast is with a green smoothie! So quick, easy and the best way to get in vegetables. My kids love it too so it’s easy!

How To Eat Fruit and Veggies For Lunch

  • Make a side salad to go with lunch. If you’re struggling to keep enough veg in, learn how to keep lettuce fresh for longer. 
  • Add veggies into wraps and sandwiches, like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, or avocado. 
  • Make your own vegetable soup. 
  • Add fruit or veggie sticks as a side 

How To Eat Fruit and Veggies For Snacks

  • Make raw veggie sticks with dips as a healthy snack. 
  • Keep dried fruit in your desk or car as an on-the-go snack. 
  • Snack on any fresh fruit
  • During hot weather, you can snack on frozen fruits like grapes to stay cool and get another serving in.  

How To Eat Fruit and Veggies For Dinner

My family and I always try to eat vegetables with our dinner. I call it a compromise. My kids and Husband like their red meats, I can do chicken everyday but if they choose the meat, I choose the vegetable! We do a lot of salads, brussels sprout, zucchini and broccoli.

  • Always serve dinner with a small side salad. 
  • Add a side of steamed or microwaved vegetables to your dinner. 
  • Add extra chopped vegetables into all kinds of meals. Soups, stews, beans, rice, spaghetti sauce, and other sauces are easy to pack more veggies into. Onions, garlic, and celery are the easiest things to throw in, but add anything that appeals to you. 
  • If you’re having rice with your meal, chuck in some frozen peas into it for the last three minutes of cooking. 

If you’re already eating lots of fruit and veggies as part of your everyday diet, you can try to improve your eating even further by mixing in more color. All fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work together to prevent all kinds of different illnesses. The easiest way to get all of those nutrients into your diet is to eat as many different colors of fruit and vegetables as you can manage. Eat from many different color groups every day to get fiber, potassium, folate, and Vitamins A and C.

What ways do you incorporate fruits and vegetables to your meals?

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