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4 Important Reasons Not to Skip Breakfast

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As the first meal of the day, breakfast lowers your stress levels, breaks your overnight fast, and stabilizes your glucose levels. Therefore, going on an empty stomach means depriving your body of the necessary energy required to function at optimal levels. Even though 93% of Americans acknowledge the health benefits of having breakfast, less than 44% actually eat it. Are you in the habit of skipping breakfast? Here are some reasons why you should not.

  1. Become prone to cardiovascular diseases 

Forgoing your morning meals means you are more likely to end with some form of cardiovascular disease. Although this is an indirect cause, you risk suffering a stroke or a heart attack over a long period. Plaque may also form in the arteries, known as Atherosclerosis. This condition is characterized by the hardening and contraction of arteries that predispose you to other lifestyle-induced diseases. A recent medical study discovered that people who do not meet up with their daily calorie intake are more prone to Atherosclerosis.

  1. Develop migraines

A migraine is an intense, incapacitating headache characterized by extreme sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes, numbing sensations. Since skipping breakfast prevents the body from stabilizing glucose levels, there is an elevation of stress, which causes migraines. Therefore, always make a conscious effort to eat a light meal before leaving home in the morning. Potatoes are packed with antioxidants and help improve blood sugar control, a significant reason why you should not forgo this easy to make staple. You can try these breakfast potatoes together with a serving of fruit, to create a delicious and sustaining breakfast for you and your family.

  1. Affects mood and cognitive function

Did you know skipping breakfast affects your cognitive function and negatively impacts your mood? A US survey involving more than three hundred adolescents found that those who ate a high-energy breakfast had better short-term memory. On the contrary, those who did miss breakfast had challenges with recalling information immediately and were fatigued. It proved that the human brain runs on the first meal of the day to fuel its optimum functions. According to the same survey, habitual intake of a healthy breakfast impacted positively on academic performance.

  1. Diabetes

A significant strain on your body when you skip breakfast causes it to induce high blood sugar levels in the day. It is a precursor to developing Type 2 diabetes due to lingering insulin resistance. Because your body does not experience the benefits of having breakfast, it tends to compensate by producing more glucose to give off the energy you require. Your body fails to keep up with the demands in the long term, causing insulin levels to spike.

Skipping this important meal of the day can throw your body off a healthy balance and cause conditions in the long term. It is vital to live a healthy life, and not missing the first meal of the day is the first step. Breakfast loads your body with the right nutrients and gives it the boost it needs to start a healthy day. Make a deliberate attempt not to skip breakfast.

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