5 Fun Family Games to Play in Lockdown

With lockdown orders looming again, boredom is beginning to take over in many family homes around the world. Many of your favourite locations might be off limits, and it’s likely you’ve already watched every film available online, so how can you keep your little ones occupied? Luckily, these 5 fun lockdown friendly games are here to save the day. 

Image Source – Pexels 

1 – Creative Kitchen Art 

You might not know it, but your kitchen is full to the brim with inspiring (and affordable) art materials. All you need to get started is a tube of child friendly glue and their dry pasta creations can flourish! Set a theme or let them run free making whatever they wish to, encouraging them to use their imagination to make a unique piece of kitchen art. You can put these creations pride of place on your mantelpiece, which will make them ever so proud of their hard work.

2 – Creepy Critter Exploration

If your little ones love an adventure, then getting outside to explore your garden for some creepy critters can be fun and education rolled into one. All you need is a picture book filled with common insects and lots of facts, and you can begin to search around your garden to discover some of the creepy critters that lurk outside! They can learn lots about ecosystems and how the natural world works in an exciting and engaging way, so it’s a win win situation all around. 

3 – Cornhole 

Cornhole is a game in which players throw bags of corn kernels onto a raised board with a ‘goal hole’, and players achieve 3 points if their bag goes in the goal hole, 1 point of it falls onto the board, and 0 if misses completely! It’s such a simple yet addictive game, as the competition aspect can encourage everyone to get involved in order to come out on top as the winner whilst the skill to aim right into the goal improves hand eye coordination too! You can even buy personalized cornhole bags to take your games to a whole new level, so invest in a board and start practicing. 

4 – Chore Chart 

Turning chores into a fun game might seem like an impossible task, but making a chore chart might just be the missing puzzle piece. A chore chart is a kind of written table that includes all of your children’s names, as well as the usual chores that they have to complete. Each time they finish one chore you add a sticker onto the table, and they work towards an end goal with a special reward! This might be their favourite takeout or a toy they want, or perhaps a week off from doing any chores. You can even put your own name on there to show them you’re in it to win it too, as this will motivate them to get involved in the competition to beat you and their siblings! 

5 – Hide & Seek 

When was the last time you played hide and seek as a family? The age old game of hide and seek is one that can inspire a whole host of laughs and giggles, and you don’t need anything besides a little imagination to play. Add in a ‘basepoint’ which players have to try and reach whilst the seeker is searching for an extra edge of excitement.

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