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Don’t Throw it Out: 4 Creative Ways to Turn Leftovers into Meals

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How many times have you discovered food you stashed at the back of your fridge for weeks or even months? It usually does not even look appetizing at that point, so you’re forced to throw it out. It is easy to quickly forget about the food you have stored in refrigerators. The truth is, you are most certainly not alone. Americans discard about 40 million tons of food annually, making the US the leader in food wastage. It’s important for people to become smarter about food consumption, purely for economic and environmental reasons – this means it’s time to get creative with leftovers. Here are some foods you can transform.

  1. Cooked Rice

Rice is a staple in many homes because it complements several recipes, including soups and stews. Most people tend to cook extra amounts of rice and store in their refrigerators, but most often get tired of eating it continuously. Ideally, cooked rice should last between four days to a week. Brown rice may expire a lot faster. If you are running out of time, why not convert this grainy dish into something new instead of throwing it out? You can grab some frozen vegetables and eggs to make some fried rice, which tastes better when made with leftover rice. If you are looking for a sweet dessert, you can make a quick and easy rice pudding. 

  1. Cooked Vegetables

If you have any cooked vegetables, do not throw them out yet, even if they no longer look appetizing and appear limp and soggy. You can give your cooked vegetables some life and flavour by grilling them. If you feel extra creative, you can wrap veggies like asparagus in bacon for an extra kick. Additionally, you could include these vegetables into other meals like a casserole or add them to any soups you make. You can also give it a nice saute and turn it into a stir fry with any starchy options of your choice. 

  1. Sourdough 

This year, sourdough has been the most hyped-up bread, and if you have gotten with the trend, then you know how delicious it is. If you are a bread person in general, then you must also be familiar with discarding the front and back ends of your loaf. Sometimes you might find a bag of bread discarded in your refrigerator when you least expect it, but do not get rid of it just yet! There are several must try sourdough discard recipes for you to try out; you can prepare a delicious French toast for breakfast or a sweet bread pudding for dessert. You can also turn your bread discard into bread crumbs, which you can use when cooking.

  1. Chicken

Whether fried or grilled, chicken is one of the best leftovers to have in your fridge because it pairs well with other foods and, depending on how it is cooked, can be a healthy protein option. When you have leftover chicken, you can make some creative dishes. 

For a quick meal, you can make a chicken salad or sandwich. If you want something more exciting and spicy, you can make chicken tacos. 

The next time you find yourself with many leftovers in your refrigerator, do not rush to throw them out to make space. Instead, transform them into delicious meals that you and your household can enjoy. 

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