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4 Ways For Women To Prevent Back Pain When Exercising

Many women struggle with back pain after exercising and it can make it very difficult to keep up with your routine. It’s normal to have muscle aches after exercising but if you find that you are in a lot of pain after every workout, that’s not a good sign. 

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It’s worth speaking to your doctor about it to make sure that you don’t have any serious problems, like a slipped disk, for example. However, it is usually a muscle issue and there tends to be a specific cause for the pain. These are some of the best ways for women to avoid back pain during exercise. 

Consider Your Form 

Doing exercises with poor form leads to strained muscles and, in some cases, serious injury. If you have constant pain in your back after working out, you should consider whether your form is right or not, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. Many people focus too much on speed and not enough on form because they think that it will help them to get in shape faster. However, it’s much better for your weight loss goals and for your body if you slow things down and make sure that you are performing exercises correctly. If you are unsure about an exercise, look up a guide online or even hire a personal trainer to help you. 

Wear The Right Sports Bra 

Busty women often struggle with back pain during exercise if they don’t have adequate support. It’s vital that you buy a good quality sports bra that gives you the support that you need and you replace it on a regular basis because it will wear and you will lose some of the support. If this is a real problem for you, it may even be worth considering a breast reduction. You can learn about breast reduction here to decide whether it is the right option for you or not. Whether you decide to have a breast reduction or not, it’s so important that you have a well fitting, good quality sports bra for exercise. 

Focus On Recovery 

Recovery is the best way to avoid aches and pains after a workout, so make sure that you cool down and stretch properly every time. It’s also important that you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg and a good amount of protein. It can be tempting to neglect your recovery when you are exhausted from a long workout, but you will be far more likely to experience back pain if you do. 

Pushing Yourself Too Hard 

When you are determined to meet your fitness goals, you start pushing yourself harder and harder every time you exercise. That’s great, to some extent, but be careful that you don’t push yourself too hard. When you overwork yourself, your form suffers. Many exercises require core strength to stabilize your body and when your core is tired, your back takes the strain, which leads to back pain. Even though you should always push yourself, it’s also important to listen to your body and know your limits. 

Back pain after exercise is very common in women, but if you keep these simple rules in mind, you can avoid it and continue pushing towards your fitness goals. 

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