10 Fun Sports & Fitness Ideas For Kids

It’s no secret that a child’s body is developing, and so it makes sense for parents and caregivers to ensure their kids have a healthy start in life. The thing is, you don’t want to force your child into playing a sport they hate.

Thankfully, there’s a wide choice of fun sports and fitness ideas, and you’re bound to find some that your child will love! With that in mind, check out these ten fun examples with your toddler, young child, or teen:

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1. Football

Football (or soccer, depending on where you live) is one of the world’s most popular sports. It’s a sport loved by millions, and it’s also one that anyone can play at any age. Children as young as four can be taught how to play football, and some even become pro players.

Aside from being a fun activity for boys and girls, football also teaches kids about discipline, teamwork and promotes flexibility and coordination. Football is also good for teaching younger players about gaining balance and improve foot dexterity.

2. Cycling

Another fun activity that kids of all ages can do – and one that you can also enjoy with your child – is cycling. Virtually all children go crazy for bikes, and it’s an active pastime that is enjoyable wherever you are in the world.

Cycling is one of those sports that teaches children about patience and endurance. They also get to learn some other things like balancing, coordination, and road safety. Of course, kids news to cycling should perhaps learn how to cycle in a park, for example.

3. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is arguably one of the best ways to help children get in shape and stay healthy. It’s an Olympic sport and one that promotes flexibility and balance. Did you know that children as young as 12 months can learn about gymnastics?

You should easily find a local class that teaches gymnastics for girls and boys, and there might even be an after-school gymnastics club that your kids can enrol in. If you’ve got a toddler in tow, there are also gymnastics classes for parents and toddlers.

4. Swimming

Another great fun physical activity enjoyable by children even as young as 12 months old is swimming. As you might have guessed, swimming is a sport that promotes a healthy body and improves strength and flexibility. It can even improve posture, too, believe it or not.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely not too far away from a place to go swimming. You may live near a sports center with an indoor swimming pool, or you could even be lucky enough to live in a coastal area and go swimming in the sea!

5. Tennis

Tennis might seem like a solitary sport, but it’s one that offers an excellent social outlet for young athletes. Your child can play tennis with other family members, friends, or other kids in a local tennis club, for example.

An advantage of playing tennis is that it’s a sport that has a low risk of injury. Other benefits of tennis include virtually unlimited exercise potential, and it teaches children all kinds of skills such as concentration, coordination, and mental agility.

6. Basketball

Do you have a child that wishes to be the next NBL star? If so, basketball could be a great way to keep your youngster fit while enjoying a sport they love. Many professional basketball players, such as Kobe Bryant, started playing the sport as young kids. My sons have played organized basketball since there 5 years old. I’m glad they’ve found a sport they enjoy! 9 years later they are still loving the interaction, the game and the friendships.

Basketball is a sport that offers complete physical exercise to children and helps them improve their aiming accuracy and strategy skills. What’s more, it’s also a fun game that shows kids the benefits of teamwork and even boosts their self-confidence.

7. Martial Arts

You might think that martial arts are an odd choice for getting a child to keep fit; however, it offers the benefits kids will get from playing traditional sports. Martial arts is a popular physical training activity. Many schools even offer it as an extra-curricular activity.

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Some of the advantages of enrolling your child in martial arts lessons include increasing stamina and concentration, learning about discipline, and self-defense skills they can use throughout their lives. Martial arts is an excellent way to keep your child fit and healthy.

8. Paddling

Canoeing and kayaking are popular pastimes enjoyed not just by adults but by children as well. It’s a fun way for kids to build up their physical strength and balance, especially in the summer months. Plus, paddling is a recommended method for aerobic exercise.

Paddling is another physical activity that both parents or caregivers and their children can enjoy together. It’s also ideal for kids who live near a water body such as a lake or river. Paddling is also a good way for children to reduce their stress levels and anxiety.

9. Walking

While some sports or pastimes might seem more appealing, walking is still a popular way for kids of all ages to improve their physical fitness and develop other skills. The great thing about walking is that children can do it anywhere, regardless of where they are in the world.

You can make walking more fun for kids by devising some exciting activities to do en-route during a walk, such as taking part in an adventure trail. Aside from the health benefits, walking also encourages family bonding and learning more about the environment.

10. Skating

Skating is one of those super-cool activities that all kids would love to do – regardless of their age! As you probably know, there are many different skating forms, such as inline skating and ice skating.

It can be something your children learn as a fun pastime, or they could enroll in professional skating lessons. It’s a sport that teaches kids about balance, flexibility and increases muscle strength and concentration.


The above sports and fitness activities are by no means an exhaustive list. But, they are some of the most popular ones that children everywhere enjoy!

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