I am a 40 something Mom and Wife. My FAMILY is my everything. I’m a Mom of 2, wife to a long time friend from Jr. High. We’ve come a long way and have a beautiful family. I put my family first and I’m learning along the way to treat myself and remember that Mommy needs to be happy too!
I have started to give myself more ME time. Shop for ME, beautify ME and find ME all over again. I’m not being selfish, I’m just remembering ME and not leaving myself behind while raising my kids. Being a Wife and Mommy is my job and I LOVE IT. I love my family, friends, online shopping, photography, cooking, eating, all things beauty and makeup, DIYing and LIFE. I love being frugal and being budget conscious. I am a planner junkie/addict and loves to stay organized and on top of things. I write EVERYTHING down. I have an eventful life. It is never a dull moment in our home. As a family we love to travel, spend time with friends and family, host parties and get togethers, enjoy the beautiful city we live in and make lasting memories together as a family. We are always on the go. The boys are at the age where they’re starting to get into extra curricular activities. My Rockstar Konnor is playing guitar, keyboard and the drums with weekly lessons and practice. He’s also in tball this season and of course…school. Kameron is awaiting the age 4 to finally enter into some fun activities himself. He keeps telling us he wants to play tball, soccer and karate.
I have been a SAHM since I was pregnant with my oldest son, who is now 5. It’s been a great challenge since Mommyhood, but it has been my greatest challenge. Especially with two BOYS who are always up and ready for something new. Mommyhood has taught me so much about myself. I have my own home business creating custom wedding and special occasion invitations and I love doing anything to do with graphic design.

My family means the world to me. They are my life. My family is my LOVE. They make me smile (and cringe sometimes). My Husband has been my rock. He has supported me in all I do and has always put the kids and I first, making sure we’re taken care of. Konnor our 5 year old, independent, active, smarty pant, ROCKSTAR and Kameron is the Momma’s Boy, very dependent, talkative, seperation anxiety king and needy little baby boy. Though he doesn’t like being called a “baby”, he is truly going to be our baby. The boys have kept us on our toes (mine, more so than Daddy’s). It’s something new with them everyday.  I had always looked forward to being a Mom and when I was pregnant with my first son I was exstatic. I was the happiest ever. I never thought I could love someone so much, other than my Husband. The love for my Husband grew as it did with my new baby boy, Konnor. After my son turned 1, we knew we wanted to try for another. It happened quickly and we had Baby Boy #2, Kameron. It was complete we had our little family!! Here we go onto our new adventure…as the Fantastic FOUR

My journey as a Mom and Wife will always forever be changing. My goal is to stay happy. Being happy is loving myself and making sure I make time for ME. I love my family, but if Mommy’s not happy…our home will be a disaster!Now that my kids are a bit older and can do things for themselves I am challenging myself. I plan to make sure I have time for ME as well as my family.